Frequently Answered Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: WHO IS the shelton travel BASEBALL organization?

Shelton Travel Baseball was created by parents from both Shelton Little Leagues and high school advisors to provide an enhanced baseball program for Shelton kids.  We believe in giving a fun environment and an advanced training format in a more competitive situation.  We believe in creating opportunities for all kids to increase their baseball skills.  We also mandate each kid plays in their respective Little League (for spring season) to foster a collaborative environment.

Another goal is to keep the kids together into future town baseball opportunities, such as the 13-15 age bracket for Shelton Babe Ruth and eventually having them possibly play for Shelton High school and Shelton American Legion Baseball.



 Mid Jan to Mid March

  • Winter clinics are offered to help get players ready for the upcoming spring baseball season (for travel or recreational little league).  Practices are twice a week for $400.  For the players who have other sports going on, the fee is $225 for 1 day a week.

Early April – Early June

  • Practices are held at local Shelton fields 1 night per week.  A 2nd practice is usually an optional hitting night held at Total Sports Academy, located at 30 Great Hill Road, Seymour, CT.
  • 14-16 regular season games are played during this period of time in the East Shore Travel League.  Games are held on the weekends to not interfere with the Little League schedule.
  • Typically, we have 1 doubleheader a weekend.
  • In addition to 16 regular season games, top teams usually are chosen for a post season playoff tournament.  This is usually held over the course of one weekend.
  • Travel games end just in time for district All-Stars practice and games to start up.

Q3: What are some of the things we should be looking for when choosing a travel program?

There are certain things that some families consider more important in the decision than others.  Some of the factors include geographic location of practice and game facilities, number of games, level of competition, cost to participate, quality of coaching etc.  Make sure you identify the most important reasons you are playing and do your homework.


Q4: Why should we consider sHELTON TRAVEL BASEBALL as the program for us?

 Shelton Travel program is exclusively offered for Shelton kids.  The goal is to keep Shelton kids playing together and enhance the Little League.   We consider the skill and character development of the player as the primary focus.  Although winning games provides some excitement, and can be the primary focus of some programs, we judge our success as a program and as coaches on how much better the player gets from the beginning of workouts, to the final games of the Spring and Fall.  In order to make the right decision for your family, you need to understand what you are looking to get out of the program.  With the commitment we ask ... we will make your son better.


Q5: What leagues does stb play in and where is the home field?

  • Our teams are members of the East Shore Travel league. 
  • Games are mostly held at East Village Park in Shelton.  We usually try to get 2/3 of our games held there.  The remainder are held either at East Shore fields in New Haven or other locations within a 30 minute distance to Shelton.


Q6: How do you choose the Coaches for the stb teams?

Being a developmental program, we consider this process the foundation of our success.  We prefer to identify “Non-Parent” coaches to lead our teams.  Most of our coaches are former college players, high school or college coaches and are very knowledgeable not just of the game, but how to teach it.   All of our coaches are paid.  All independent head coaches make the decisions for their teams.  This is done to restrict the “daddy-ball” aspect that sometimes occurs with team environments.  In some cases, a parent will be asked to participate as an assistant coach or handle the game stats for our games.  We pay close attention to this and require that in addition to being a qualified coach, he is able to make decisions in the best interest of the entire team and program.


Q7: How much does it cost to play for stb and what does that include?

 Pricing is set at $550 for each team from 9u to 12u.  This includes coaches, umpire fees, East Shore team fees, player/team insurance thru AAU, uniforms, indoor practice, etc. It is important that when evaluating programs, you look at the VALUE of what you get, and with our program it is tough to beat.


  Q8: Do you have teams at every level each year?

That is the goal, but not always the case.  We strive to have at least 1 team and each level from 9U to 12U.   Being a developmental program, we put emphasis on the "progressive" approach to teaching the game.  For example, as a 10u player they are in need of learning certain aspects of the game on the 46/70 diamond, and that is the focus, to get them acquainted with the changes in the game (leading/stealing/holding runners).   At every level there is only so far you can take them without over coaching, as they need to build the foundation before anything else.  So, having said that, we look to bring players along in a system.  We do avoid just putting teams together for the sake of having a team, and some years we are without a level simply because that is the way the numbers shake out.


Q9: Is SHELTON Travel Baseball a profit making venture?

Shelton Travel Baseball is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with a volunteer board of directors.  Any donations made to STB are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. If you know of an individual or company interested in making a donation or becoming a sponsor, please let us know. Email us at or call us at 203-500-7451.

Q10: Does STB allow players to “play up”?

STB believes each player should play in his/her respective age group and this is what we practice. However, it is the discretion of the STB coaching staff to make the determination that the player should move up.  At the travel level, moving players up reduces the competitive strength of the team losing the player, and puts that team at a competitive disadvantage.  STB will allow players who are one year too young (e.g. age 8) to tryout for the 9U team. If the player makes that team, he/she will be allowed to “play up” for one year. After one year, this player will be required to tryout for his/her own age group. 


Q11: Why are sTB players required to play both travel and little league during the Spring Season?

In working with the leagues and STB, STB makes a good faith effort to minimize conflicts with the Shelton Little Leagues during their regular spring season and post-season tournament play that leads to their programs' "World Series." STB requires participation in a Shelton recreational youth baseball league during the spring season.

In early mid-June, STB will cease activity to permit participation in the Shelton Little League and post-season league, district and state tournaments. We require our players to participate in both, only during the spring, so we do not strip the best players out of those programs. We hope that STB players will help to elevate the level of play for the recreational players and lead by example.

STB players are not required to play SNLL/SALL during the fall season.


Q12: How do travel players resolve conflicts with practices and games?

Our goal is to minimize conflicts between STB and Shelton Little Leagues practices and games.  We will work with the players’ leagues and their coaches in an effort to achieve this goal. We also want to stress the importance of open and frequent communication between parents and their player’s STB/SNLL/SALL coaches to ensure a successful STB experience.  In this regard, STB coaches and managers will obtain from parents any information about how often players are pitching and catching in ALL practices and games to avoid overuse of arms. 

STB will be cognizant of the amount of games the kids are playing between both leagues and will work to minimize overuse of the players.

Starting in the spring 2018, STB will continue to minimize conflicts by scheduling one night a week practices and Saturday or Sunday STB doubleheader games.  We will have no more than 2 travel games in a weekend.  STB will monitor all STB player activities so that each player is eligible for recreation all stars. The STB spring season will end immediately following the first week in June so that the players will be available for all regular season playoff games and all star games, if selected. STB will resume at end of August.   That said, STB is careful to avoid scheduling tournaments or other events during periods of heavy activity in the spring leagues.

Q13: How many players on a sTB team?
Teams assignments will generally be 12 players.

Q14: Who determines who makes a STB team during the tryouts?

STB promotes a fair and objective team building process. The decision to extend a team assignment to a player will be made by the STB selection committee. The STB selection committee will consist of an STB head coach, the STB Director of Player Development and an independent evaluator. Players will be evaluated based on their skills, ability and desire to play.

Q15: Can my child play on a STB team and play flag football or another rec sport in the fall?

STB encourages players to remain engaged in other sports. Players must try to commit to make STB their primary sport. The commitment STB seeks will likely make participation with other travel or elite youth sports organizations difficult. For safety reasons along with commitment and scheduling conflicts players will not be permitted to play on another travel baseball team. 

 Q16: What size diamonds does STB use for games?

It is expected that 9U players will play games on a 46/60 diamond (same as Little League), the 10U players will play games on 46/70.  The 11 and 12U players will play games on a 50/70 diamond. Practices may be conducted on varying size diamonds or at other practice facilities, based on Shelton Parks & Recreation availability.

Q17: WIll players be rotated through the positions during the season or will they be assigned certain positions?

Players will play more than one position during the season. The primary goal of STB is to develop overall baseball skills. Players will have an opportunity to work on their skills at any position they would like to learn.

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